Valentine DIY Gift Ideas

There are many ideas to make valentine gifts do-it-yourself.

Valentine Sweet Gift Craft

Candy Mouse Craft

Cute mouse can be made of paper and chupa chups

Candy Butterfly Craft

It’s very easy to make a sweet butterfly — a gift for Valentine’s Day.

Сandy flower Craft

You can make a sweet gift in the form of a flower.

Сandy ladybug Craft

Very easy to make a ladybug from paper and chupa chups.

Felt Heart Craft

Such a heart can be made not only from felt, but also from paper.

Making a heart out of felt and beads:

Paper Heart Craft

Many ideas paper hearts are in post — 20 DIY — Paper Hearts Craft.

This paper heart can be used to decorate cards.

Paper Heart Animals Application

Many ideas of paper applications, see the post — Paper Heart Animals Craft For Kids.

To decorate the heart, you can use simple buttons and glue.

Tissue Paper Heart

Many ideas how to make a paper heart, see in the post — Tissue Paper Heart Craft.

Satin Ribbons Heart

Valentine’s Day gift can be made from satin ribbons: