DIY Paper Flower

Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means we’ve got some new craft project for you! This adorable set flower includes a paper tulip and 3d paper heart.

How to Make a Paper Flower

Paper Flower Supplies:

  • construction paper
  • green paper
  • scissors
  • glue

Paper Flower Step by Step:

A paper flower can be made either monophonic or from different colors.

Cut out 12 details in the form of a tulip. You can cut more parts, but not less. Then take half the details — 6 pieces and start to glue them together.

Bend in half:

Glue the two parts together.

Glue the third petal.

Glue 6 parts together.

We make two such details from 6 parts and glue them together. So we get a beautiful 3d flower.

Similarly, we make the second flower — the heart.

We make the stem, for which we take the green paper and fold it into a tube. Cut two leaves.

Glue the stem and leaves.

Paper flowers are ready!

On the petals you can write you want — Your deepest feelings.