DIY| Heart in a Hands Card

This heart in a hands card is the cutest card your kids can make, either for Valentine’s day or mother’s day. Open up the card and a pop up heart will reveal itself.

This card has just enough room on it to also scribble your very own personal message on it. Kind and from the heart words for mother’s day.

How to Make a Heart in a Hands Card

Heart in a Hands Card Supplies:

  • construction paper for heart (reds, pinks or any color really)
  • construction paper for hands
  • white paper
  • scissors
  • glue
  • paper clips are great to hold the cards closed shut.

Heart in a Hands Card Step by Step:

Take a sheet of white paper and fold it in half. Put your hand on the paper next to the fold and trace it. Cut out hand drawn.

Make a bigger hand than your first one. Glue in the white hand inside the construction paper hand.

Let’s make the small heart.

Cut 6 small hearts out of red paper. You can use the same color for all of them, or make it multicolor. The thing that is important is to make them symmetrical.

Once all of them are cut, fold them in half.

Glue the halves one on top of the other.

Once you have all of them glued together – apply glue on one end (half) of the heart. Press it down into the card. Apply glue on the other half. And close the card for the glue to set.

Let’s make an inscription on the paper flag. It can be any one of your choice.

Glue the inscription under the pop-up paper heart.

Heart in a Hands Card is ready.