DIY Wine Bottle Snowman

DIY Wine Bottle Snowman Materials

  • Wine bottle
  • Black felt for a hat
  • Rubbing flcohol + haper towel
  • White and red acrylic paint
  • Foam sponge, paint brushes
  • Polymeter clay
  • Decoration: satin ribbon, New Year’s fabric, plastic snowflake
  • Glue, scissors, paper, pencil

DIY Wine Bottle Snowman Instructions:

Line the surface you plan to do your craft on with some old newspaper.

Step 1: Clean the Bottle with Rubbing Alcohol

Using a paper towel, wipe the entire exterior of the bottle with alcohol to remove any dirt or oil. This allows the ink to adhere to the glass (photo 1).

Step 2:  Paint a Bottle

Paint the bottle white with a foam sponge, allow to dry (photo 2-4).

Step 3: Making a Felt Hat (photo 5-8).

Step 4: Add a second coat of paint, allow to dry (photo 9-10).

Step 5: Make a snowman face and buttons (photo 11).

Use polymeric clay to make faces and buttons.

Step 6: Decorate a Wine Bottle Snowman (photo 13-16)