DIY Snowman garland


Materials for Snowman garland:

• paper;
• pencil;
• glue;
• cardboard;
• threads

For face snowmen need to cut seven small rectangles of size 3 x 4 cm (photo №1). Сut and round corners. Draw the face of a snowman on a rectangle, using a black gel pen and colored pencils (photo №2). Cut seven strips 10 x 4 cm for heads of snowmen (photo №3). Glue the parts (photo №4).


These strips fold and glue (photo №5). For the body snowmen need to cut seven strips 15 x 5 cm (photo №6). Fold and glue (photo №7). Glue the head to the body (photo №8).


Сut gloves of different colors (photo №9). Take the rope for garlands (photo №9).

diy_265 diy_266